3000W Garden Leaf Blower Corded Compact Light Weight

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3000W Lightweight Electric Leaf Blower

Our 3 ilightweight leaf blower is sure to blow you away. Lightweight without compromising on power, this leaf blower is the perfect tool to help organise your garden this Autumn.
Featuring an easy one switch starting system, a 6M power cable for an extra long reach as well as a tube you can disassemble for easy storage, this leaf blower is a must-have piece of kit for every garden.

Easy To Use

Our leaf blower was designed with ease in mind, which is why it will activate at the single push of a button, making your gardening work as easy as possible. It just as easy to take apart and put back together for storage - simply click it together and you're good to go.


  • Input voltage - 230V
  • Power - 3000W
  • Product Dimensions - 32 x 18.5 x 24.5cm
  • Cable Length - 6M
  • Weight - 1.8Kg
  • Lightweight

    Designed to be one of the lightest leaf blowers on the market at only 1.8KG, this tool does not sacrifice any power and will blow your leaves with ease.


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