30M (2 x 15M) Retractable Washing Line - Black & Red

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30m Retractable Washing Line - Black & Red

This double retractable washing line is the ideal line to hang your washing out on sunny and breezy days. Boasting two 15 metre lines, there will be plenty of space for drying your clothes.


A non-intrusive unit, the NETTA retractable washing line comes with a swing bracket, allowing you to rotate it out of the way when not in use after retracting the lines neatly back into the unit.


  • Line Length - 2x 15M
  • Product Dimensions - 17.5 x 22 x 10cm
  • Product Weight - 1.2Kg

  • Sturdy

    The lines are coated with PVC for durability necessary for outdoor conditions, additionally the unit has built-in line locking anchors for better tension and stability. This washing line is sure to fulfill your drying needs and is easy and efficient to use.


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