400W Jigsaw with Blades and Guard

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400W Jigsaw with Blades and Guard

Essential for any DIY enthusiast's kit, this NETTA Jigsaw is compact and versatile, ideal for use around the home and in the garage. It is mains powered and comes complete with a guard and choice of blades, so you will have no problem cutting through your chosen material - wood, plastic or metal.


The ergonomically designed, soft-grip handle offers comfort, whilst the built-in trigger lock reduces the need to squeeze whilst cutting, allowing the saw to do all of the hard work. The jigsaw has a built-in dust collector and with a simple connection to a vacuum, we ensure there will be little to clean up afterwards.


  • Input voltage - 230V
  • Power - 400W
  • Product Dimensions - 23 x 7.5 x 21cm
  • Weight - 1.3Kg
  • No-Load Speed - 3300 RPM



Using the provided allen key, you can adjust the bevel of the base plate, allowing bevel cuts of up to 45° in either direction. The Jigsaw can be used in conjunction with guides, allowing for perfectly straight or decorative curved cuts.


  • 1x Wood Blade
  • 1x PVC Blade
  • 1x Metal Blade
  • 1x Allen Wrench
  • 2x Carbon Brushes


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