NETTA Sensor Bin - Stainless Steel - 50L

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Stainless Steel Sensor Bin 50L

The stainless steel sensor bin is the most hygienic and convenient choice for your waste management.
With touch-free operation and odour sealing capabilities, it's a great way to eliminate cross-contamination in the kitchen.


With a water-resistant infrared motion sensor, you can easily open and close the bin without touching it, making this sensor bin ideal for kitchens, where hygiene is paramount. This, coupled with the removable ring liner, helps contain the liner within the bin meaning there is no overhang, which will aid the cleanliness and tidiness of your kitchen.


There is no need to worry about the bin sliding across the room, risking a spill and a mess to clean up, as our sensor bins are designed with a non-skid base which is perfect for laminate and tile flooring.


  • Requires 3x Type-C batteries - Not Included
  • Weight - 3.5KG
  • Product Dimensions - 72.2cm 29.3cm x 42cm

SKU: 103117

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