7L Air Cooler with 12 Hour Timer and Remote

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7L Air Cooler with 12 Hour Timer and Remote

Stay cool and comfortable this summer with our NETTA Portable Air Cooler. A powerful air cooler and humidifier with an easy set-up, which does not require venting or plumbing. Ideal for well ventilated small to medium-sized rooms or as a personal cooler.
All features can be controlled using the easy to read LED display on top of the unit, or through the remote control.

Fan Function

The fan function is perfect for keeping you cool on those hot and sticky summer days. Choose from the three-speed settings: Low, Medium or High, which will recirculate the air to your preffered strength. Additionally, select from the three wind modes which are Normal, Natural and Sleep, allowing for optimum comfort during the day or overnight.


  • Digital Temperature Display
  • Input voltage - 230V
  • Power - 65W
  • Product Dimensions - 21 x 31 x 67.7cm
  • Weight - 8Kg
  • Noise Level - 60dB

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