NETTA Portable Dehumidifier 800ml Mini Air Dehumidifier for Mould Moisture

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  • REMOVES MOISTURE: This NETTA 800ml Dehumidifier is the ideal addition to any home. It can extract up to 330ml of excess moisture from the air per day (depending on conditions – the recommended working environment is over 15°C and Over 40% Relative Humidity). The detachable water tank makes emptying the appliance quick and easy.
  • SMALL AND COMPACT: Ideal for small bedrooms, kitchens and even cupboards, this compact dehumidifier is perfect for removing excess moisture and ensuring your rooms do not suffer from dampness. Due to its compact size, you will be able to place this dehumidifier almost anywhere you could ever need it.
  • QUIET AND EFFICIENT: Powered off by just 22 watts, this appliance will cost you less than 1p per hour to run. It is also no louder than 35 decibels when running meaning it won’t disturb you whilst you work/sleep/etc.
  • AUTO SHUT-OFF: This mini dehumidifier will shut down automatically once the water tank is full meaning you can leave the house without worrying about it overflowing. The indicator light will show red to indicate that the water tank needs emptying.
  • PRODUCT DIMENSIONS: 22.5cm x 14.5cm x 14.5cm | PRODUCT WEIGHT: 1.1KG | POWER CABLE: 1.7M



800ml tank

330ml per day

1p per hour


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